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Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Realy this time it is it. My new blog is
Come visit me there.

Saturday, December 16, 2006


I have moved here ,
so visit me there and change your bookmarks.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

elf name

Your Elf Name Is...

Giggles Tinsel Toes

Saturday, October 28, 2006

moving my blog

to here.
Please save this link. Blooger is good but there are some issues so we made me my own place.

Monday, October 09, 2006


Tomorrow is the day I have been trying to avoid. I truly believe I will not be coming back with Butterscotch. He was my cat the I got when I first moved out on my own. Seen me threw a few boyfriends. A few pounds. A lot of ups and downs. I am afraid of this, I know it is humane and if he needs to be put down I have to do the right thing . To be honest, I have put down a cat before, precious, my childhood pet. She was 18. My mom kept her when I moved out. So she was more moms cat, yet mine. I am also deciding on this blog. I love the cat blog world. Do I let frisky Have a try at taking over the blog. He is a ball of energy. Also I feel like I seem like I favor Butterscotch. I adore both of my boys, but butterscotch has always been protective of me, slept with me, followed me around. At times scared frisky away from me, he was always my little provider. The live mouse he dropped at my feet ( there were 3. Great stories for another day. ) Mind you he is a indoor cat. He also knew when I was sick and he needed to sleep near me. Now I am not sure why this is so tough. Maybe because Butterscotch can't tell me what he wants. I mean when my father got sick, his wishes were, when it comes time, if there is nothing they can do , do not prolong life. So when the time came with my dad, My brothers and I were all in agreement. We knew it was his wishes and also there was nothing to do to " make him better". It was the right decision.
So tomorrow I go to my moms and take him to the vet and see from there. I will not allow him to suffer. I adore him. He is truly my child.
I am staying at my moms tomorrow and taking my laptop with me. So I will try to blog tomorrow night... Wish us luck and me the strength.. Thanks ..

Sorry this is kinda sad...

Sunday, July 02, 2006

3 blogs

I now have 3 blogs. Mine, my cats and I am contributer to the " operation condo" .
I barely have enough time to update my own.
I did slice my hand a few weeks ago and got 4 stitches. I freaked when I saw the blood. I realize i suck with blood. I actually sliced my left ring finger and the bend on the knuckle inside. Still not sure how but think it was a cardboard box.
Work is work.
RJ is happy about work and looking forward to starting his new job tommorrow. His stress level has gone down so much it is awsome. I am happy for him.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

10. Would you rather lose a limb, or be financially unstable forever?

One of my friends blog had a little question thing and this was one of the questions. I am just reading everyone elses answer. And honeslty I am kinda suprized.. Most people would rather be finanacially unstable. like 9 out of 10 type thing. Then I stop and think. If I was asked that 2 years ago that may have been my answer. But RJ has showed me that it doesn't matter. You can do anything and everything. It doesnt matter how many legs you have, it is all about the mindset. I never realized it so much before now. I wish everyone had someone like RJ in there life. To show them that no mater what life hands you, You are truely in charge of your own destiny. Yes I sound lke I am bragging and maybe I am but... with the way people treat people with disabilities it is amazing. I have noticed when he and i went to the pool people would look at him and his leg and he didnt let it get to him. He is so used to it and when he was younger it was worse.
But my answer is I would rather loose a limb myself