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Monday, November 14, 2005

November 17th 1997

Ok So 8 years. In about feb on 1997 I got a call from my dad. I have liver cancer it is on 80% of my liver. He decided to do the surgery. He went in the day after easter, The next week they did surgery. They took out 80% of his liver. I went to the hospital every sunday. They were going to let him out of the hospital in may when he regained strenth but when i went to pick him up he was having pain and problems breathing. I complained about my dad not having bad asthma. They said dont worry. This went on for about 2 months. Then they finally realized they tore his bile duct. So great:) they had a answer. But now he is too week for surgery to fix it. My dad used to play santa, he was loosing weight steadily. So in aug he was allowed to go home to rest. None of his cloths fixed. He looked very old. he was so small had to be 120 soaking wet. so in oct he went into the hospital to fix his bile duct. He went in the did surgery, I heard it didn't go right. I went in to see dad that sunday and he insited I bring him a strawberry sundae. I didnt go the next week. The following week I went. I had heard my dad had a fever but tought he was fine gosh I had just seen him. He was delerious in his room. Talking about being on a boat. The next week I went I made my mom come with me.( although my parents had been seperated. they still were civil. When I went into to see him he didn't know who I was. He knew who my mom was but not me. But he wanted to go home with me. The friday of that week they did tests and found out he had a staff infection that metaticized to his brain. They could do nothing. That night my brither made the call to the hospital that said. No helpful meds keep him confortable. We all knew that was my dads wishes. I went up on sat to see him. Knowing somehow it would be the last time. They didn't give us a time frame on how long it would take. SO monday comes around, I am sent to get my nails done to keep me buzy. When i get home I call my mom, My brother answers I think nothing of it even though it is 2 in the afternoon. Well in come chrissy and Bri and I knew. My mom called chrissy to tell her about my dad so they would come to me so I wouldnt be alone. They were worried I would have a asthma attach or something. From what i gather, My aunt , uncle, and brother had went to see my dad at lunch and when everyone left he died. . My oldest Brothr flew in from CA. My dad was creamated and we burried him. I was good until leaving the wake to go to the church it hit me and in the church too and well I still can not hear taps. My dad was in the military. So the played taps. So that is 8 years ago. this week

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

new years already?

Ok so my christmas party is the 10th of december and while thinking about that I was thinking HMMM what can i wear then RJ send me this link
So I may be going so now it is I need a formal dress so I am thinking of this dress