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Sunday, September 25, 2005


Ok so another rambling post. My skin is getting better go back to dr yet again tommorrow.
This link is to my pictures from the airshow i went to saturday. before everyone says boring i have never been to one before. it was so awsome. It was small and such and the planes were cute. But, we went on a 30 min flight on a b24 bomber. The last flying b24 bomber ths day. After ww2 that airplane, which was hugely produced , was sent to the scrap yard and made into soda cans. So now there aren't that many and one flys. So the first pic is the withccraft. Thats the plane i flew on. Second one is the size of the wheels. It was so good. Being 3000 miles up walking around the plane and feeling the wind. The gun windows were open as were a few other places on the plane. Youw ill see a down pic of my shoe and the openess. The catwalk on top of the bomb bay doors was tiny and a miss step would have sent you threw the doors. It was so great. I am still smiling. RJ knew I had never been to a airshow and wanted me to go on something. he was gonna send me on the one that was me go alone nd learn to fly? I was like NO. So after looking around we asked about the b17,24,or 25 flights. They were 400pp. Ok so that was a no. his mom got it for us. but it is tax deductable. DId I say wow yet

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

7 Answers to 7 Questions( i was tagged)

7 Answers to 7 Questions

7 things I plan to do before I die:

-Go to england
-Have Children
-Get married
-Loose weight
-get a tattoo
-go back to school
-visit family more

7 things I can do:

-I can garden
-I can drive
-I can dream
-I can change a alternator
-I can comfortable in my body
-I can turn heads
-I can cook

7 things I cannot do:

-I can not make my skin heal
-I can not sew
-I can not be someoneelse
-I can not stand fake people
-I can not cut my own hair
-I can not teach my mom any technology
-I can not change the past

7 things that attract me to another person:

- caring
- knowledge
- Confidence
- emotioanal
- strong
- cute
- caresa bout his presentation

7 things I say most often:

- "huh"
- "and that matters why"
- "Did I wanna hear that"
- "build a bridge get over it
- "ok"
- I've been called worse by better people
- " mom stop pointing when we are driving in the car"( she points to something she wants me to see, Most of the time going in front of my face while driving, ALso when there are a ton of people. She obviosly hasn't hears of road rage)

7 celebrity crushes:

Tom Cruise (but he can't talk)
Kenny Cheney
rick schroder
Jesse james
Johnny Depp
christian bale
the cute one on OCC

7 bloggers I'm taggin
( ok one has to work I only have one blogger friend utagged)

Tuesday, September 20, 2005


SO i am not good at titles. Well lets see went to dr again today over my skin. I have a few cuts and everything is infected it does look a little better but 3 weeks of antibiotics and i look freekish. The worst for me is my srm. Itis huge and i have to cover it for work. My DR today told me to take salt baths twice a day. Use zyrtek instead of claritin in the morn and take the benedryl at night ( for itching) and use bactroban cream 3 times a day. But the kicker. I have to wear lihght flowy fabrics. She said wear ckirts!!! If you look at the pics those are what my ankles look like. So I have a few long dresses to wear and I have no idea what else. I have to wear soft fabrics Jeans are too rough.
On a side not I leave oct 6th at 1240 pm for sc. and return home at 8pm monday the 10th. Gonna visit family and go to a amusment park for a cheer contest. I just want my arms presentabe by then. I need to get pajamas. I have to think about packing, I have gifts to pack and I am not sure what suitcase to bring. Hey these are some of the old ones but the new ones are on the botton and yes you can see the nasty hand is more or less gone

Sunday, September 18, 2005


So I am forever online serching and reading. I have my boards I read and my blogs. Now readig alot of things this weekend got me thinking. Why? I mean there are some who are loved and some who are hated but why? Becuase you don't share similar veiws, I just done understand the level of anger/ hatred some people have. Odds are in real life you will never meet this person.
Also on online fighting. I try not to get involved It always look like someone is taking sides. But I also feel 2 adulkts can fight it out. There are fouls that should be called by others ( like talking about kids) but aside from that why?

Wednesday, September 14, 2005


So skin is not gettting better. I got few mosquito bites but everything i have is red and big and infected. It looks bad I go to the dr for a third time on tuesday. My friends BF is going to New Orleans, he is going for 2 weeks, he is a nurse. She is a mess as her week has gone bad in other ways. he leaves at the end of this month. It is great he is going but it is also scary with the crazys and well we don't know what if anything there is for disease down there.
I got my new cell phone today it is pink:)
Talked to my BF last night. he is frustrated. He finally spoke to his roomate about his GF. She tends to treat my BD like an intruder in his own apt. In the past few weeks she has called him names. SO he found out when the lease is up his roomate is moving in with his GF. thats fine. But he also touched on her atitude and her always being there. I am there on weekends and maybe a day here and there maybe. She is there 5 of 7. Wekk his roomates response was well she has diabetes , I am like Ok so she takes medication too she needs to control it, And also her momis dying, I guess her mom has termoinal cancer and has been given a time frame. Another Ok to me. I wasn't rude and a bitch to everyone when my dad was on the hospital dying of cancer. I don't think I was. But she is more the one to play the sympathy card. Poor pitty me. I am waiting for the day. she starts on me. I have somet hings to say. Including if you are so torn up why the fuck are you here not with your mom. You know you have time to do what you want and if you don't now then you have no right to bitch or have regrets later. I think her mom has like year. Also I will pull the well if you can be a bitch to RJ and I then I will be a bitch cause my moms kidneys are fuctioning fully and a part of her heart is dead oh and yes she may need oxygen because her lungs are functioning at about 40% when she is walking.... I can out bitch anyone. I choose not too. She drives me crazy though. When I am over BF house. She cleans the kitchen , And complains that I/ we don't first it isn't my house. Second after we finish eating and watching the movie we started we would have done the " cleaning" Sorry we just do a quick whipe and put stuff away when we are done. We have to learn to cook then scrub then eat then clean all the plates.
At work one of my coworkers is in a mental hospital. He is on week 2. I know what is going on because the others guys are joking about it. And everyone knows. But I am getting a little annoyed. Talking about it is one thing but they are like. Oh I have to go for shock treatment etc... I am sensitive because my dad had very serious mental illness. And had been in a few hospitals and had shock treatment and the such. It is just me.
Ok enough of the ranting and babbling. I am gonna tan. Hopefully it will dry up my skin.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

New Orleans.

So here is my thought well actually my bf and i were talking. In my lifetime this is the first time they have ever evacuated a city. SO with most everything down there needing to be rebuilt why not level the city and fill it in so it is above ground level then rebuild. SO when a huricane happens again there will be less flooding. BF idea is a savings bond to raise money for the renovation. I think it makes sense. They have to rebuild and can do it without people around why not make it safer in the future. Even a prototype city. Maybe use some new technology. We will see. I am also hoping and praying that as the drain the area they put a no fly zone up. I know that there will be tons of pictures of the sludge and bodies just left from the flood waters if the media can take the pictures. I personally think that would be very disrespectful. But I live in a special world. If the pictures show up these are what I have of new orleans from the ship. Yes the water is a nasty color :(

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Its getting better

So right now. My skin in looking better not great . But it is healing. I haven't worn my hair down in over a week, I wash then pull into a bun and scrunnci it. But... people are weird. I worked at 3:30 am on thurs till 3 pm and fri till 1:30pm. And people still said I looked nice. I said to some what, he was like you look great. I was like I woke up at 2:30 took a shower threw hair up and havent looked in a mirror since ( this is about 4:30 in the am) and he was like so? Ok enough about my crazys. So last week my cousin calls me. She had asked if I could make it to a cheer contest in NC columbus day weekend. I was going back and forth on it and after the cost of the medication for my hand I was like no.. I told her this on tuesday. She was like if I send you the money will you come. I was Like do not send me anything. I will be there. I was so suprized about this, she works at a military base that is closing. It is a matter of time on her job and she is offering to fly me down there? It was very flattering to think they wanted to see me so much as they were willing to pay. So I knew I could get the time off, so I put in for it on wed and bought my ticket on Friday. It went up $20 in those days. $260 rt leave 10/6 at 12:40 pm arive 4:50 and leave there 10/10 at 3:30 and arive home at 8:00. Not bad. I am flying into SC where my family lives. Staying there thurs and friday around 11 we get going to Nc a 4 hourish drive. Sat is the competion at carawinds. it is a amusement park. And we go back to SC on sunday I leave monday afternoon. It should be fun. So life is getting better. Also I put my laptop on ebay today and within 6 hours it sold :) My screen is broken on it and it was too pricy to fix. But over 2/3's of the screen is working.
Also I am watching the things on new orleans. And I was there in Jan. My cruise went out of there. we passed the dome. And the cruise area is right by burban street so i could see the lights. I have a few pictures. It is hard to believe it is the same area. Actualy one of the cruise ships they are using is the one i was on. I am sitting on my BF bed now looking at this georgous poster MArti gras 2005 we got it at the airport. i hope that the poster isn't a colectors item because it was the " last year" before the " big storm" I hope that in 2007 they are back up and going. I am not thinking 2006 is gonna happen