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Sunday, October 30, 2005

still sick:(

Grr Ok so I am still sick. I think it is my own fault. I was doing ok and last week I walked in the mist to get my car. I had to pick it up. I got a remote car start put in. YEAH!! Awell i woke up sunday feel cruddy again. So by wed I was hacking long dry cough. UGGG. But no rest for the weary. My ears were starting to get blocked. well Wed was RJ's Bday so I went there after work. SO I drop him off at work on thurs and head to work myself. I can barely hear anything. And have a cough. So I decide after answering the phone at work and well mispronouncing everyones name that I should call the Dr. So go to the Dr and I have a double ear infection UGGG. And to get rest etc.. But not for me. I get my antibiotic and my cough med with codine and well I am off. I have to meet BF at Uno's after his class because his friends should be coming for his birthday. Well Nick and Jen show and I feel like crap and can't hear the conversation. I smile and nod. But I did have the cough med with codine after I parked my car so no cough. That a one drink stopeed cough. But I am driving so 3 hours later we get going to his house. I am tired and drained. BF tkes off friday. I get up friday I can't hear and I guess my voice is gone and I am shouting. I cant hear a thing. I go to work and well I was told I sound bad. After work I go to BF house but we have plans friday night. UGGG We meet his parents for the birthday dinner. Great Ok then we meet his friends again. One of his friends Bday was friday so we met them at charlie horse. It is now 9 pmish I have been up since 730 and i am so drained but I have to turn on the smile. Until I am informed about racheal. Racheal is one of his friends sister that he had a fling with , nothing more than sex, yes it was before we met but she has called him more than once since we have been together to " see what he is doing" So I am not loving this I am sick and tired and crabby. She sees him and tries to give him a hig which well rj half assed and she got the point. :) She was there with one of her friends and at one point i say the wisper and the point to us. Ha got home at like midnight work up at 2 pm on sat. Didn't go anywhere but the groccery store in the snow. YES SNOW!!!
So I have my halloween costume, Not gonna use it. My hearing is somewhat back, My cough is alot better. But I am still sick.
But today I made chicken corn chower YUMMY!!

Friday, October 21, 2005

Popularity online

Ok ever wonder what it realy means? Does it matter. And why? I am friendly with some " less popular" People online and now I am getting judged for my friendships? WHy and who has any right to do that. I am one who doesn't care if someone is "in" or not but if someone is genuine and nice to me. I want to know the honest people not the phoney. So because i am not as quick to banish or judge I get shunned. Now lets be honest, I realy don't care but it annoys me. I truely believe the ones who are quickest to judge are also the ones who are fake. I could be " popular" tommmorrow I know how. And I have seen people evolve into popularity by learning that, but how long will that last. And when the fake people are found will there be anyone left for them to talk to? Ok so I am ranting. I just have always hated the popularity contest. I also hate bandwaggon jumpers. If x don't like you than y and z don't either. Or if someones hates someone, anytime there is a thing with that other person they always have to dig grrr. Ok ranting over. Have a great weekend

Friday, October 14, 2005

pics and car stuff

Pictures From SC
So those are my pics from vacation. Yes those are trpilets that are 2 ashley britney and caitlyn. And I can only tell you who is who in the pic of all three of them together I put them in order. Ashley and brittney look alike.
Also I got a car radio I am so happy. Mom got it for me for a early xmas gift. It was 400 installed but I didnt just get a radio I also bought the conector for the ipod and had that installed so I can just use my Ipod to play from my radio. It is so cool I have a alpine radio. ANd when I play my Iod it shows the name and artist and album of the song. Yes alot of money for a radio but to always have music and not needs cds is all good. It would have been about 250 without the ipod conector. Also in 2 weeks i get my remote car start. YEAH!!!! I am also having keyless entry put in. I originaly went to Best buy and they said they couldn't do it my car was testy electrical. But I went to a auto place yesterday and they were like yeah your car is testy electrical but we do it all the time. it is lifetime guarentteed. It will start from 3000 ft away. My car has a alarm now that makes it so I have to use the key to open and lock the doors which is a pain. The alarm arms when I lock it. So keyless entry here I come. I am so excited for the cold winter day when I start my car upstair and warm it up so that when i get down the snow / ice melts of my windows and then I do not have to fuss and clear the lock of snow to put the key in . I will just hit a button. AHHHHHH dreams. I will have to take pictures of it. I am such a camera whore. ALso for those who read my blog my email is you are always welcome to email me TGIF

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

back to the grind

Ok so I was away all weekend came home last night. Vacation was nice but it is great to be home. I am not sorting threw mail and email and posts and everything and catching up. I will have pictures up soon and will post a link. So when i was in SC my cousin who is 19 called me opionated. ME!!! Ok so I am no boggie, so tonight I get a IM from him with a link and click on it and it is the Blair virus. I was like WTF!!! I knew he didn;t do it on purspose and called down there and walked him threw antivirus update and scanning etc... I turned to him on the phone and said. I was so opionated you sent me a virus :) I am so joking. I think it is funny. I hope I helped gt it off there computer if not tommorrow I will walk them threw reseting it. In my old age I am mellowing. 2 years ago I would have reamed him a new one for sending me that. But I know it was a accident and such and I didn't get a virus.