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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

10. Would you rather lose a limb, or be financially unstable forever?

One of my friends blog had a little question thing and this was one of the questions. I am just reading everyone elses answer. And honeslty I am kinda suprized.. Most people would rather be finanacially unstable. like 9 out of 10 type thing. Then I stop and think. If I was asked that 2 years ago that may have been my answer. But RJ has showed me that it doesn't matter. You can do anything and everything. It doesnt matter how many legs you have, it is all about the mindset. I never realized it so much before now. I wish everyone had someone like RJ in there life. To show them that no mater what life hands you, You are truely in charge of your own destiny. Yes I sound lke I am bragging and maybe I am but... with the way people treat people with disabilities it is amazing. I have noticed when he and i went to the pool people would look at him and his leg and he didnt let it get to him. He is so used to it and when he was younger it was worse.
But my answer is I would rather loose a limb myself

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

cant sleep

I can not sleep. There is no good reason why, I think I am too worried about my weight,. I am mortified at the pictures of me taken last week. ANd i need a place to put them online so I can post some on the blog. My weight is out of control I am over 200 :( That is realy bad. I am just so upset about it,, Nothing fits. I just like to crawl and hide in bed where no one can see me.