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Thursday, March 09, 2006


It has realy been a while since I updated this. Lets see, RJ is buying a condo :) His closing is March 31st. We started looking in FEb. So he is a quick decider. We have been packing his stuff at his current place every weekend. With him working and school he has little time. Oh and I know I did not mention it here but He made deans list at harvard for the first semister. I am so proud of him. My life is same old. Work and sleep and work. I have to get my ass to the gym. I am not doing it and I should.
I broke the wipers in this carr too. You may say TOO? Yes this is my second car I have blown the wiper motor in. I guess I have the touch. I did get this car fixed though. My last car that had blown wipers I didn't get fixed so for like 8 month I was wiperless. RainX works good. Hm I think that is my " exciting" life.